Blind contour portrait of the artist as E.T.

Blind-contour portrait of the artist as E.T. (2014)

Thanks for checking out my work! I’m a mostly self-taught artist originally from the United States, but currently based in Spain. I make figurative and abstract work in acrylics, watercolor, and pen.

My artwork is an attempt to synthesize a variety of influences into a personal myth-making ritual. It is an intuitive and building interaction between mind, eye, hand, and material.

I draw on a range of art historical and literary imagery, especially prehistoric, ancient, medieval, folk, outsider/visionary, and tattoo art, animation, mythology and folklore. Other sources of inspiration include cellular and botanical structures, anatomical figures, marine life, and celestial landscapes.

Forms recede and emerge, dissolve and coalesce, exploding while remaining bound to one another. I imagine a sardonic, otherworldly dogma, suggestive of a potent but elusive significance. Implacable, double-chinned demigods hover, both malevolent and silly, receiving adulation and dispensing doom. Disembodied eyes glare and hands reach out of ethereal landscapes and haunt liminal spaces, performing strange sacraments.

I post additional pieces and works in progress on Instagram and Pinterest. You can buy my work as prints and other fun stuff at my Redbubble Shop. If you’d like to license my work, commission something special, collaborate on a project, or just chat, drop me a line at erin@hookneye.design.

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